Dan Chambers alerts me to this. Do people really buy mik from Amazon? Do they really write reviews of the milk they buy? Are those reviews really such utter twaddle? It is often said that Hooting Yard is “a bit weird” or “eccentric” or “odd”, but the so-called “real world” is a much, much stranger place.

3 thoughts on “Milk

  1. “What can laughingly still be referred to as the ‘real world'” will, if coaxed, yield things of great utility and perhaps even beauty. When trawling Amazon looking for saints’ lives or prosodic primers, I am asked if the customer reviews are helpful. In this one instance, the are, exceedingly so.

  2. I haven’t had time, alas, to read every one of the milk reviews. Still, as I skimmed (sorry) over the first few, a small voice in my head seemed to be asking ‘is this the future of literature?’
    I guess it’s time I had my head checked.

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