A Footnote To Despair

Quite apart from anything else, the dimwits and barbarians have clearly overlooked the fact that “Latin and Greek are the only tongues in which departed spirits can be addressed, for this reason they are denominated the dead languages. The nonappearance of these supernatural beings in the present day, may be fairly ascribed to the decay of the learned languages.” The anonymous contributor to The Mirror Of Taste, And Dramatic Censor, Volume I, Number 5 knew this much in May 1810, so the elected representatives of Bournemouth and Salisbury Councils and the unelected dullards at the Plain English Campaign ought to know it too. Perhaps if they wander down to their local Andy Burnham Chat ‘n’ Snack Zone before all the books disappear they might learn something.

3 thoughts on “A Footnote To Despair

  1. Surely, banning Latin and Ancient Greek, the only languages that the dead speak, is a flagrant and wilful act of discrimination against the dead community, which is one of the largest and least represented communities in our society.

  2. Whilst harumphing in general agreement with the views expressed in these last posts, I must add that the discontinuance (is that a word..?) of the description ‘disabled’ applied to lavatorial facilities will make my life a little less confusing…
    Who could resist a visit to a ‘specially adapted lavatory’?


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