Owls And Monkeys

Sound advice from Richard Carter :

having a pair of owls in your bathroom could help avoid potential embarrassment when you have guests.

As he says,

wouldn’t it be utterly awesome to keep a couple of owls in your bathroom, just to impress visitors?


Meanwhile, over at Wonders & Marvels, monkeys at war!

Who were the first monkeys to see action in war? Before the invention of gun powder fire-arms in China (ca 13th century), a 9th century Chinese chronicle (“Yu-yang-tsah-tsu” by Twan Ching-Shih) describes annual battles between soldiers of Po-mi-lan and 300,000 giant rock-throwing apes who came down from the high craggy mountains of the west to ravage crops every spring.

3 thoughts on “Owls And Monkeys

  1. Wonderfully arcane stuff, thank you. True to form it really takes off for me when you get to the parentheses – that’s a memorable party trick you have there. Guaranteed to raise a laugh I’ll bet – the very life and soul of the ‘do’. BTW, the whole concept also reminded me of ‘Confessions of a Justified Sinner’ with which I assume you’re familiar.

  2. Nooo! Sorry Mr K, that last comment was meant to be a response to “On Pontoppidan” – guess I’m out of practice!

  3. While we’re about it tho’ – bathroom owls a good idea. Headed for the lifestyle section of the weekend Grauniad I should think.

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