The Finest Street In The Land

Further to yesterday’s musing on Jethro Tull, a reader has sent me these snaps from Crowmarsh Gifford in Oxfordshire. Clearly I shall have to up sticks and move to this paradise on earth immediately.



9 thoughts on “The Finest Street In The Land

  1. Hi. Sorry, is this the place where the gardener Jethro Tull used to work/live? I’m a good listener of Ian’s Anderson Jethro Tull’s band work. From Buenos Aires, thanks!

  2. @ Eddie. I think the reference here is the historical Jethro Tull; Agriculturalist, and inventor of the seed drill. Who’s name was much later taken on as a group by the Ian Anderson and company. (Big fan, by the way)
    BTW: This place looks quite nice, but sadly, it’d be a bit too much of a commute to work for me.

  3. Don’t you just hate when you change your mind in the middle of typing something, and then don’t quite completely change a sentence the way you meant to?…
    Sorry about the grammar

  4. Thanks Greg! I remember I’ve heard something of that story from an Ian Anderson’s interview, don’t remember if it was a living or historical gardener or agriculturalist.
    Sometiomes it also happened to me what you mean about typing a sentence. About that, I don’t understand what you mean with ‘itโ€™d be a bit too much of a commute to work for me’, is this place a part of your daily way to work, and it remembers too much that to you? Thanks!

  5. Yeah, this Jethro Tull died in 1741. He created a horse-drawn seed drill in 1701 that economically sowed the seeds in neat rows. It was a real game changer, at the time.
    Oh, all I meant was I work in the US, so… Long commute.
    I don’t know any thing at all about the place, but, so long as I kept showing up at my gigs here… well, at least I’d get a lot of reading done.

  6. Thanks! I thought you were a Brit neighbour of Jethro Tull Gardens…! By the way, I saw your site in a link in Facebook posted by Ian Anderson’s Face-site, which I am a friend of…
    Good wishes!

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