Kill Sin Pimple & Others

A splendid postage over at Ptak Science Books gives us some compelling seventeenth-century religious nicknames.

“Christ Came Into the World to Save” Barebone

Accepted Trevor, of Norsham

Redeemed Compton, of Battle

Faint Not Hewit, of Hearthfield

Make Peace Heaton of Hare

God Reward Smart, of Firehurst

Earth Adams, of Warbleton

Called Lower of Warbleton

Kill Sin Pimple, of Witham

Return Spelman, of Watling

Fly Debate Roberts, of Britling

Be Faithful Joiner, of Britling

More Fruit Fowler, of East Hadley

Weep Not Billing, of Lewes

Meek Brewer, of Okeham

One thought on “Kill Sin Pimple & Others

  1. Having followed the link, I must say I find the idea of a ‘Screamer’ in a ‘preaching barrel’ somewhat disturbing.

    ‘Mare Fruit Fowler?”
    ‘It’s your turn in the barrel, mate.’


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