In Diaries Of The Dead, I mentioned that George Orwell’s diaries are being posted online as a daily blog. They are magnificent, in a quite unexpected way. Here are some – unedited – entries for seventy years ago:

16.11.38 One egg.

17.11.38 One egg.

19.11.38 Two eggs.

21.11.38 Two eggs.

22.11.38 Two eggs.

25.11.38 Two eggs.

27.11.38 One egg.

28.11.38 Two eggs.

Clearly, Orwell’s diary would have been the most terrifying book Alfred Hitchcock could imagine.

I am also reminded that I once bought a picture postcard in Prague which included a quotation from “The Dairies Of Franz Kafka”.

EXCITING UPDATE! : 29.11.38 One egg.

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