The witterings posted below reminded me of the complete lack of fury caused by Hooting Yard’s own Mohammed Cartoon non-controversy. Back in September 2006, to accompany a piece called Blodgett’s Jihad, a blasphemous portrayal of “the Prophet” appeared here without causing ructions. Here it is again. Shield your eyes if you do not wish to be offended.










10 thoughts on “Blasphemy

  1. Can I be bothered to pretend offence on the behalf of someone who might be offended…? Yawn….dunno. I think its a very cute lil cartoon 🙂

    More cartoons of prophets through history please 😉

  2. Wendy : Quite frankly, I am offended that you think it acceptable to use those abominable smiley faces when commenting here. Hooting Yard is (or aspires to be) a smiley-face-free zone, as you are well aware.

  3. Goodness….If I had any idea such a furore of bushy raised brows would occur, I would have just left a row of smileys…

    Hmmm…..well there you go, bit of indignation to jump start the system of a morning – you can thank me later (insert smiley here)

  4. I cannot tell from here whether Frank’s indignation was morally, medically, philosophically or deeply religiously based, though like many I base my own hatred of smiley faces on their dubious connection to the Wanessa Cult of Tennesse: a right-wing, proto-Christian, pseudo-new-age group, whose ideas have long been infiltrating popular culture. They can be blamed, I am told, not only for the aforementioned grinning, winking and thoroughly jaundiced little faces, but also for the vast array of initialisms that have crept, like a pestilence, into our language (YKWITA)

  5. Phil – based on the fact I still maintain that ‘LOL’ stands for ‘Lighting Oil Lamps’ (as used by lamplighters in Victorian times when they wanted to tell their wives where they were, but couldn’t be bothered to write it out in full) my opinion probably has little worth.
    Were I to side with you, however, some reaction would be required regarding what it is, exactly, that is in the attic. To which I will say this: it’s a GHBCFAR, of course.

  6. This is all nonsense. The WordPress smileys have a completely scientific and rational basis: they correspond to the twenty-two bodily humours of the Non-Blötzmann Theory of Temperaments. I will have more to say about this later.

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