168 Pamphlets (Out Of Print)

For the past several years, reader Mike Jennings has spent his time very usefully compiling a reliable list of the works of Dobson. Once a year, at around this time, he updates the list to include those pamphlets to which reference has been made in these pages during the previous twelvemonth. And bang on time, here he is with an additional eight titles. Each has appended to it one of those damnably clever Blötzmann numbers. Please note that, unless otherwise stated, these titles are out of print.

You can find links to earlier lists here.

161. Are There Any Moles In Outer Space? No, There Are Not!

162. On Not Toppling Into Any Of The Many Canals Of Amsterdam

163. How I Hid Under A Table During A Thunderstorm And Ruined My Trousers By Kneeling In A Puddle Of Unaerated Potato Juice, And What This Tells Us About The Human Spirit In Extremis

164. Several Observations On Kathy Kirby, Composed In A Cipher So Baffling That Centuries May Pass Before Anybody Will Be Able To Wring Any Sense From It

165. A Tally Of All The Breakfasts I Have Tucked Into Over The Past Sixteen Years

166. Stringing A Few Words Together To No Apparent Purpose

167. The Blue September Of Conference Pears

168. What I Have To Say, In Toto, About Sops And Fillips

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