160 Pamphlets (Out Of Print)

And lo! a new year dawns, and bang on schedule reader Mike Jennings provides us with an update on the Dobson canon, listing all those pamphlets which have come to light and been mentioned in dispatches over the past year. As ever, Mr Jennings has applied the obscure yet somehow charming Blötzmann Numbering System for ease of reference. Unless otherwise stated, all pamphlets are out of print.

Mr Jennings’ previous listings can be found at these links: numbers 1 to 104, 105 to 128, 129 to 139, and, all by itself, number 140.

141. Cyclops With A Broom!

142. A Full Account Of Sawdust Bridge

143. Well, They Both Have Beaks And Feathers, For Christ’s Sake!

144. Hints And Tips For Intrepid Explorers In The Polar Wastes

145. And what should they know of potatoes, who only potatoes know?

146. My Boundless Ornithological Ignorance, Together With A Paean Of Praise To Googie Withers

147. A Description Of And Reverie Upon Forty-Four Curlews

148. My Blithering Ignorance Of Vast Swathes Of Ornithology

149, When It Comes To Ice Hockey, I Have No Idea What I Am Talking About

150. Let Tourists Go To Switzerland And Italy And Drink Goaty Flavoured Goat’s Milk From Improperly Cleaned Mugs And Glasses, And See If I Care!

151. Trudges In Towns

152. It Behoves Me To Write At Some Length On Footnotes, Without Footnotes

153. Lead, Kindly Light, To Bald Men Wearing Specs

154. The Difficulty Of Mastering The Art Of Plinky-Plonky Musical Composition, With A Mezzotint Of Chas ‘n’ Dave

155. Some Unfocussed Thoughts On Birds And Boots

156. Funerary Customs Of Different Types Of Birds, No. 1 : The Seagull

157. Thoughts Upon A Rain-soaked Trudge From Homburg To Homburg

158. A Searing, Coruscating Analysis Of Paul Simon’s Song “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover”, With Particular Attention Paid To 50 Different Techniques Of Suitcase-Packing, Each Illustrated With Instructive Diagrams With Pointy Arrows And Diagonal Lines

159. A Few Tips On Mountain-Moving, With Shovel And Bucket

160. Things To Shove Through A Funnel Into A Jar

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