140 Pamphlets (Out Of Print)

It is traditional, at the turning of the year, for reader Mike Jennings to update his exhaustive bibliography of out of print pamphlets by Dobson. “It’s all a matter of diligent rummaging,” writes Mr Jennings from the pompous land of his banishment. Since we last heard from him, yesterday, he has managed to track down a further title, and he is yet again to be commended for his thoroughness, not least in assigning that pesky, but lovely, Blötzmann Number to the pamphlet he has unearthed. One day we might be able to work out its significance.

Please note that the listed title is currently out of print.

140. Library Clown Traumas – What They Are & How To Shake Them Out Of Your Head Good And Proper Using Bleach & A Dog Whistle

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