139 Pamphlets (Out Of Print)

It is traditional, at the turning of the year, for reader Mike Jennings to update his exhaustive bibliography of out of print pamphlets by Dobson. “It seems that 2011 has been a lean year indeed for Dobsonian scholarship,” writes Mr Jennings from the pompous land of his banishment. Nevertheless, he has managed to track down eleven, or rather twelve, previously unidentified titles, and he is once again to be commended for his thoroughness, not least in assigning those pesky, but lovely, Blötzmann Numbers to the pamphlets he has unearthed. One day we might be able to work out their significance.

There are earlier listings for pamphlets numbered 1 to 104, and pamphlets numbered 105 to 128. Please note that, unless stated otherwise, all titles are out of print.

129. The Dredging Of The Canal At Gaarg On The Eve Of The Batcake-Akido Conference.

130. Ducks And Criminals And Well-Maintained Reservoirs.

131. Eleven Essays On Reservoir Maintenance, By One Who Knows.

132. Things Beginning With B.

133. On The Inadvisability Of Taking Daytime Naps During The Unfolding Of Cataclysmic World Events.

134. How I Witnessed The Sight Of A Wild And Bearded Mobile Librarian In Hand To Hand Combat With A Snarling Gaggle Of Brain-Bejangled Peasants.

135. How Many Cormorants Are There In The Bible?

136. Omni-Encyclopaedia Dobsonia.

137. How To Fill Your Brain With Arcane Legal Precepts Through Simple Will-Power And Osmosis.

138. The Case Of Prince Fulgencio.

139, 139a. The Funnel, Volumes 1 and 2.

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