128 Pamphlets (Out Of Print)

It is that time of year when reader Mike Jennings, from his exile in a pompous land, supplies us with an update to his comprehensive Dobson bibliography. A further twenty-four pamphlets have been added to the earlier list, which you can find here. Mr Jennings has once again applied those terrifying, and terrifyingly significant, Blötzmann Numbers. Please note that, unless otherwise stated, all the listed titles are currently out of print.

105. Ivan Clank, The Bailiff, O Is He Dead Then?

106. Pancakes : Food Of The Gods?

107. Pancakes : Food Of The Gods

108. My Pancake Ineptitude : A Heart-Rending Confession In Sixteen Bursts Of Hallucinatory Prose.

109. Hell, Its Bells

110, My Terrifying Encounter With A Tiny Lethal Phantasmal Poison Frog.

111. Every Lace Has Its Own Boot.

112. Fifty Pages Of Prose About Daytime Naps In Theory And Practice.

113. The Hidden Wealth Of Werewolves.

114. The Mythical Island Where Werewolves Think They Come From.

115. A Pedestrian Memoir Of Hiking Holidays Accompanied By Noted Daubist Rex Daub.

116. A Thousand Breakfasts In Five Hundred Days.

117. Flight-Patterns Of The Common Shrike, With A Tremendously Accurate Diagram by Marigold Chew.

118. This Year’s Summer Reading.

119. Chucklesome Fripperies From The Bowels Of Hell.

120. The Poultry Yards Of The Grand Archdukes.

121. Tantalising Paragraphs About The World O’ The Future.

122. The Significance, In My Long-Ago Infancy, Of An Undigested Vole.

123. A Comparative Study Of The Metabolisms Of The Horses Of Three Knights Of The Realm.

124. An Entirely New System Of Moss Drainage, Incorporating Flexible Leather And Lead Pipes, A Plastic Funnel, And A Dobson Jar.

125. A Detailed Account Of How I Provided Emergency Medical Assistance, Despite Having Not A Jot Of Training, To A Flying Squirrel Exhausted And Maimed After Being Pursued And Attacked By A Small Tough-Guy Japanese Macaque Monkey Which Mistook It For A Predatory Bird, With Several Diagrams And An Afterword Quoting A Jethro Tull Song Lyric.

126. Picnics Of Disillusionment.

127. The History, Theory And Practice Of Jiggery-Pokery, From Ancient Times Up To Yesterday Morning, With Practical Tips And Cut Out ‘N’ Keep Cardboard Display Models For Your Mantelpiece.

128. Popular Games And Pastimes Suitable For Those Marooned On Remote Atolls Pending Rescue By A Ship Of Fools.

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