Airy Persiflage

goat-godIt is fortunate that your own dear Mr Key is such a level-headed fellow, or I might begin to suffer from delusions of L Ron Hubbarddom. Notwithstanding the enduring popularity of the hideous bat god Fatso, it seems that the Goat God Catechism has captured the imagination of the masses – or, if not quite the masses, then at least of two American podcasters.

First, the catechism was given a fine treatment by golden-voiced Norm Sherman at the Drabblecast. Now it has been picked up by one Walter O’Hara. Mr O’Hara’s podcast is called Airy Persiflage, and with a title like that we can assume he is a man of impeccable taste. Indeed, he has also essayed a reading of some twaddle I wrote about venomous serpents.

The striking thing about this new version of the Goat God Catechism is Mr O’Hara’s inspired decision to have a child read the responses. The child in question is “young Gar”, who lends a splendid piquancy to the piece. I wonder if young Gar hails from the awful, spooky land of Gaar, that place of nightmares and ill-advised picnics?

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