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I ought to explain why things have been so quiet at Hooting Yard of late. I am beset by a case of diabetic retinopathy – plus a Roth spot – and my eyesight is, quite frankly, pitiable. Typing and peering at a computer screen are rendered somewhat laborious, and the effort required often results in general exhaustion and debility. Hence the lack of sweeping paragraphs of majestic etc etc.

But all is not lost! I shall shortly be commencing a series of monthly appointments at the exciting-sounding Tuesday Injection Clinic in the ophthalmic department of my local hospital. The Key eyes will be jabbed with needles each month until such time as my sight returns to normal – normal, for me of course, meaning myopic, akin to a mole, but much better than it is now.

In the meantime I will try to post here when able, and I look forward to resuming normal service before too long.

6 thoughts on “Eye Eye

  1. Best of luck and health. I hope all is better soon as I’m in desperate need of your sweeping paragraphs of majestic etc etc.

  2. I don’t want to dwell much on the nature of the treatment, but hope it’s a success so you’ll at least be able to read my best wishes for a satisfactory outcome….

  3. Frank old friend, here’s wishing that your sight will be very much helped by the treatment, making it much easier for you to read Maps of Hoon, peruse the Journals of a Vicious Pirate, and correctly identify at least 400 different species of Wooden Geese, the Disembarkation of the Grimiest Matelots, and the three half-domesticated hill-goats so memorably referred to by Istvan Ick.

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