Collapsed Puffin

Oh look, a puffin has collapsed on that floe.
Wipe the steam from your goggles and you will see it too.
We should airlift it to the puffin hospital yonder in our chopper.
Take those corks out of your ears so you can hear me speak.
Love is a mighty power, and I love puffins, as I love guillemots and auks and bonxies.
Snap those icicles dangling from your nose and you will breathe easier.
Here comes a blizzard. Oh, puffin, don’t die.
Stamp your feet in your furry boots, my companion.
Two men and a collapsed puffin in a white wasteland.
Allegory of something or other.
The chopper blades are frozen, and we are stranded, or marooned.
Come, Squiffy, plod with me towards the puffin, that we may give it succour.
Love conquers all, if you will wipe those damned goggles!

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