Kitchen Groanings

“Kitchen Groanings addressed to the Parlour : a pamphlet so called, published fifty years ago. It is the spirited remonstrance of some angry cook-wench, or discontented housemaid, against lazy footmen with their ruffles, their canes, their bags, and powdered heads, who run away with the pecuniary perquisites, or, as they were at that period called, vails, without having their due proportion of the hard work of the house. This publication is said to have been actually produced by one of the sisterhood, whose cause it pleads; and, considering the quarter from whence it issued, is not badly written.”

From Anecdotiana; or, A Library of Anecdote. Facts and Opinions, Historical, Biographical, Critical &c. Collected and Recorded by An Eminent Literary Character (I. J. Chidley, London 1841)

I am not quite sure, but I think Dobson may have produced a Kitchen Groanings pamphlet of his own.

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