Dax Pod Clad In Umber

Dax Pod clad in umber. Dax Pod Uberperson. Atop a large building, as he so often is.

“I am Dax Pod,” he says, “King of standing atop large buildings, declaiming.”

He declaims that he is Dax Pod and he is clad in umber and is an Uberperson.

Dax Pod fans gather in the street below, peering at their hero through binoculars.

Some fans have lorgnettes. Some fans are bluestockings. Dax Pod appeals to them because he knows his Milton, he knows his Sir Thomas Browne, he knows his Sylvia Townsend Warner. Sometimes as he stands, clad in umber, in his cape, atop a large building, he holds in one hand a literary work by one or other of this trio. He can, it is said, recite the entire works of Herman Melville from memory, including Pierre, or The Ambiguities.

He is a man to be reckoned with.

He swoops, from atop the large building, wherever and whenever he is needed. It may be a postal  delivery error, or a dog pound incident, or a planetary cataclysm. Whatever it is, Dax Pod swoops.

Dax Pod swoops in his one-piece umber costume, for he is Dax Pod and must swoop in umber to placate his fans.

They profiled him in Gack! Readers saw Dax Pod at home, clad in umber, with umber-clad Mrs Dax Pod and the Dax Pod kiddies, all clad in umber too, at their farmhouse, with their pigs.

The pigs were snorting, wallowing in muck, filthy, filthy, filthy, and cloven of hoof.

2 thoughts on “Dax Pod Clad In Umber

  1. Nomadic bard duplex : dreamland Cupid box
    Clapboard mud-index : Max Dodder (publican)
    Unbridled madcap ox : Paradox Midden Club
    Mild boxcar pudenda : borax addendum clip

    (by appt HRH Louis XIV, dec’d)

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