Tortoise Podcast

The 2008 Hooting Yard On The Air Christmas Special, a reading of A Portrait Of A Tortoise, Sylvia Townsend Warner’s selected extracts from the Journals of Gilbert White, is now available as a podcast. Go here, click, listen, be awed.

Obsessives may wish to read these brief Hooting Yard posts first.


4 thoughts on “Tortoise Podcast

  1. That was wonderful! It should be reprinted as a story book for very patient infants. (I’m sure if I should admit this, but I fell happily asleep halfway through.)

  2. Hello………
    I find that this article from my beloved Hooting Yard is deeply offensive towards vegetarians and hippies. I suggest that you stop the madness and get down to earth man. The stuff about turtles was like… annoying. Later peace bretherin.

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