Dismember That Heron

CARVING – Wynkyn de Worde printed in the year 1508 “The Book of Kervinge”. Some of the words are curious, and throw light on the names of dishes which have been corrupted by process of time. Where the meaning is quite plain the spelling is modernised, but not otherwise.

“The terms of a carver be as here followeth. Break that deer – lesche (leach) that brawn – rear that goose – lift that swan – sauce that capon – spoil that hen – frusche (fruss) that chicken – unbrace that mallard – unlace that coney – dismember that heron – display that crane – disfigure that peacock – unjoint that bittern – untache that curlew – alaye that felande – wing that partridge – wing that quail – mine that plover – thigh that pigeon – border that pasty – thigh that woodcock – thigh all manner small birds – timber that fire – tire that egg – chine that salmon – string that lamprey – splat that pike – sauce that plaice – sauce that tench – splay that bream – side that haddock – tusk that barbel – culpon that trout – fin that chevin – trassene that eel – tranch that sturgeon – undertranch that porpoise – tame that crab – barb that lobster. Here endeth the goodly terms of Carving.”

From Kettner’s Book Of The Table by E S Dallas (London, 1877)

One thought on “Dismember That Heron

  1. You an’ me, we sweat an’ strain,
    Body all achin’ an’ racket wid pain,
    Break that deer!
    Lesche that brawn!
    Rear that goose!
    Lift that swan!
    Sauce that capon!
    Tranch that sturgeon!
    Tame that crab!
    Barb that lobster!
    Git a little drunk,
    An’ you land in jail.

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