Inanity And Its Bedfellows

I am beginning to think that stealing the titles of other people’s blog postages may be the Way Forward… forward, of course, to that bright upland where I can bask under the Aztecs’ mighty orb when my work is done. Even while the Key cranium is ticking and whirring as it ponders John Ptak’s postage header along comes Patrick Kurp at Anecdotal Evidence with “Emptiness; Uncertainty; Inanity”. Again, I advise you to read the original postage, but meanwhile I shall be pondering some prose to which it will serve as a fitting title.

The “inanity” part should give me no trouble, as virtually any anecdote about Blodgett will fit the bill. His tin shadow, his dockside groans, his futile picking at unbuttons… there is so much material. ┬áBut “emptiness” and “uncertainty” may be more troublesome.

One uncertainty is to what extent I can get away with writing about prose I have not yet written. Best not to dwell upon it, for that way emptiness lies.

ADDENDUM : As Dave Lull notes in a comment, Patrick Kurp’s title is a quotation from Dr Johnson’s A Dictionary Of The English Language (1755). Though that is clear from reading the postage, I ought to have acknowledged it here.

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