Not Hairy God

A note arrives from my son Ed.

Hey Pa, he writes, Did you realise that Not Hairy God is an anagram of Hooting Yard? I liked that, and I think you will too.

And I do. I just wonder why I had not already been informed of this by R., the sort of anagrammatist-by-appointment to Hooting Yard. Those of you who keep a beady eye on the comments here will be familiar with R.’s stupendous work. Though R. remains resistant to being anagrammatised himself, for obvious reasons.

3 thoughts on “Not Hairy God

  1. Ogmios is surely the greatest not hairy god, or balding god. The perfect choice for baldies like me.
    G.I Hoody Rant
    A Dry Thin Goo
    I, Hot Dragony
    HA! Dr.Too Ying!
    Go Dirty Noah
    I do hang Tory
    Man I love doing anagrams. can You set a weekly anagram challenge?

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