Walrus Watch

From Wasp Watch to Walrus Watch. Glyn Webster prods me in the direction of The Dim-Post and its Walrus o’ the Day. I agree with Mr Webster that it is indeed a most magnificent walrus. The pedant in me hesitated to link to it, due to the annoyingly misplaced apostrophe in the postage title, but I am in a magnanimous mood. Also, comment number four, from “garethw”, which I recommend you read after glorying in the visual magnificence of the walrus, served to remind me that it is quite some time since I have been active in my pursuit of L’Oreal. Readers may recall that I was outraged to discover the company was claiming to have invented light reflecting booster technology, even employing the airhead Andie MacDowell to parrot this balderdash in its television adverts. For the umpteenth time, let me set the record straight. Light reflecting booster technology was originated and developed and concocted and devised here at Hooting Yard, for purposes other than hair. One day, I feel sure, L’Oreal will admit this, and get me to disport my bouffant in their adverts instead. Perhaps they think I have let them off the hook. Not so! I shall fire off one of my much delayed more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger missives later today.

2 thoughts on “Walrus Watch

  1. I feel a hollow craving for a Walrus Watch … big tusk on the three, little tusk on the seven, etc … can someone recommend a suitable rosmarine horologist?

  2. Mr. Key, L’Oreal never claimed to have invented the light-reflecting booster technology. They simply applied their technical boffinry to miniaturising it.

    I shudder to think what kind of world it would be if the only LRBs were built by the likes of yourself and Mr. OSM. Certainly they would be grandiose affairs – ten feet tall and made of wrought Iron. But what of the common person who wants a booster of his or her own? Where would such a contraption fit in the average hut or hovel?

    I think we should be thankful to L’Oreal for unleashing this potent technology.

    Yours in Christ,


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