Blodgett, Killer Robot

Blodgett, of course, was often mistaken for a killer robot, whenever he went rampaging around remote rural airfields and landing strips dressed in an outfit of tin foil and sheet metal with plastic, bakelite, and glass adornments. Why, might one ask, did he make such a spectacle of himself, repeatedly?

Luckily, we have evidence from Blodgett himself. He was interviewed on the television chat show Let’s Talk To People Who Rampage Around Remote Rural Airfields And Landing Strips!, which was screened on the Swivel-eyed Nutcase TV Channel for several months in the early 1970s. I have scoured YouTube for a clip without success, but a transcript exists, which I got hold of through bribery, subterfuge, and threats of violence. Alas, it is incomplete, but a fragment is better than nothing.

Cheesy Host : Our next guest will probably surprise you, because it’s a killer robot! [Chortles.] Not really! It’s just Blodgett, in an outfit that makes him look like a killer robot! Give him a big hand!

[Tumultuous applause.]

Cheesy Host : Welcome to the show, Blodgett.

Blodgett : Yava Hoosita!

Cheesy Host : Ho ho ho! Indeed! I think what our lovely audience want to know is why you rampage around remote rural airfields and landing strips dressed like that.

[Tumultuous hoots of agreement from the audience.]

Blodgett : Well, Sacheverell, as you know, we are under serious threat from Communists. Stalin may be dead these twenty years, but the Soviet beast has never been in such rude health. We could be overrun by the Red Hordes tomorrow, unless we take every precaution possible.

[Applause both tumultuous and thunderous, save from a beardy cardigan-wearing Open University lecturer.]

Cheesy Host : We all agree with that, Blodgett! But how does your rampaging around remote rural airfields and landing strips dressed as a killer robot help the fight against international Communism?

Blodgett : I have a one-word answer to that, Sacheverell…

Annoyingly, the transcript ends there.

One thought on “Blodgett, Killer Robot

  1. Yava Hoosita to you Mr. Key.

    It is not often enough we hear Tony Wedd’s space-greeting as revealed by Jimmy Goddard. But since we are all yardists here, might we not say Hoosita Yava. The cosmic significance of HY will not be lost on anybody here.

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