Bairdboard Bombardment Box

It can only be a matter of time before those weirdly culture-dim and overpaid noodleheads at the BBC realise that what the world needs is Hooting Yard – The TV Show. I may or may not agree to do it, of course, but in anticipation of the day when they come crawling to me waving fat chequebooks aloft, Outa Spaceman has been hard at work producing the opening titles…

Watch them here

NOTE : “Bairdboard Bombardment Box” was James Joyce’s name for the television set. Incidentally, my mother’s sole recorded pronouncement on Joyce, in her Flemish accent, was “Dat man is a fool!”

5 thoughts on “Bairdboard Bombardment Box

  1. This has suddenly and overwhelmingly made me want to know what my mother thinks of James Joyce.

    I don’t know what would make me happier – if you did a TV show, or if you refused to do one despite regular pleadings from telly people.

  2. Oliver Postgate reading out Mr. Key’s illuminations…?
    Doesn’t bear thinking about…

    (Mind you….)

  3. The only part of it doesn’t bear thinking about is the sad fact that it is too late.

    The Saga of Noggin The Nog… Ivor The Engine… Hooting Yard

    It would have seemed a natural progression, an evolution.

    O Postgate! That Thou Were With Us Still!

  4. Put like that Mr. (I went to school with him y’know) Jennings, that we shall never see Oliver Postgate’s Hooting Yard makes me sadder than the death of monkeys …


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