Two Snippets

Before I return it to the library, here are two further snippets from The Sun And The Moon : The Remarkable True Account Of Hoaxers, Showmen, Dueling Journalists, And Lunar Man-Bats In Nineteenth-Century New York by Matthew Goodman:

Lewis Gaylord Clark on Edgar Allan Poe : “a mortified but impotent litt√©rateur… an ambitious ‘authorling’ perhaps of a small volume of effete and lamentable trash”.

I am minded to conduct enquiries into Dr Henry Hall Sherwood of New York, a man with “controversial electromagnetic theories” who “would become known for his ‘savage rotary magnetic machine’ which he claimed could cure all manner of diseases from rheumatism to herpes and tuberculosis”. Gosh!

One thought on “Two Snippets

  1. Oh, to have lived in an age where all bodily afflictions could be banished by electricity and magnets…

    (I note, with some amusement, that Goths were no more popular then than they are now…)

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