The Terrible Fate Of Mrs Sludge, The Medium

Mrs Sludge had a green ray spasm, and extruded a gush of ectoplasm. It was eerie and pale. Then there came a fierce gale, and she toppled down into a chasm.

NOTE : “The verses written by the unseen power are often curious and quaint, sometimes ridiculous. But verses not of a low and mischievous character have been given to us as to many other experimenters. The best of these contained beautiful ideas connected with the happiness of a life among the blessed and the good in the world of good spirits, very lovely descriptions of the scenery of that world or worlds, and much affectionate anticipation of reunion among friends and future progress in happiness together.” – Mrs Sophia Elizabeth de Morgan, From Matter To Spirit, The Result Of Ten Years’ Experience In Spirit Manifestations, Intended As A Guide To Enquirers (1863)

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