Babinsky And Bobnit Tivol

Last week, you will recall, I issued a ukase that Hooting Yard readers must adopt a lobster. I am pleased to note that Babinsky and Bobnit Tivol have been named and adopted and are presumably clacking away in the vicinity of Padstow.


lobster adoption

UPDATE : Now joined by Tiny Enid!


2 thoughts on “Babinsky And Bobnit Tivol

  1. Babinsky and Bobnit Tivol may well be clacking away in the vicinity of Padstow; yet the above certificates do not indicate their gender, so there is surely a possibility that such clacking will lead to congress.

    The pot has yet to be designed that could entrap the ensuing deranged-killer-fictional-athlete lobsterlings.

    The collective noun for lobsters is variously given: a ‘risk’ of lobsters is one; another, perhaps pleasing to Mr Key, is a ‘pod’ of lobsters.

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