The Abominable Example Of Little Beggar Boys

1. A very poor child, of the parish of Newington-Butts… was a very monster of wickedness, and a thousand times more miserable and vile by his sin than by his poverty. He was running to hell as fast as he could go, and was old in vice when he was but young in years: we scarcely hear of one so like the devil in his infancy as was this poor child. What sin was there that his age was capable of, which he did not commit? What by the corruption of his nature, and the abominable example of little beggar boys, he was indeed arrived at a great pitch of impiety. He would call names, take God’s name in vain, curse, swear, and do all kinds of mischief; and as to any thing of God, he was worse than a heathen…

6. He was in grievous agonies of spirit; his former sins stared him in the face, and made him tremble. The poison of God’s arrows did even drink up his spirits; the sense of sin and of wrath were so great that he knew not what to do. The weight of God’s displeasure, and the thought of lying under it to all eternity, broke him even to pieces, and he bitterly cried out, โ€œWhat shall I do! I am a miserable sinner, and I fear that I shall go to hell.โ€ His sins had been so great and so many, that there was no hope for him…

14. The Wednesday before he died, he lay in a trance for about half an hour, in which time he thought he saw a vision of angels…

16 …he gave a kind of leap in his bed, and snapped his finger and thumb together with abundance of joy. And from that time forward, in full joy and assurance of God’s love, he continued earnestly praising God, desiring to die, and to be with Christ.

John Wesley, Stories Of Boys And Girls Who Loved The Saviour (date uncertain)

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