Pit Of Death

Attentive readers know that here at Hooting Yard we are always on the lookout for news about pits, be they bottomless pits, viper pits, pits of doom, or similar. So here is a thrilling article about a Pit of Death, which also features green slimy things and brine shrimp lethality tests!

Which reminds me that a correspondent recently sent in this photograph from the Telegraph:


2 thoughts on “Pit Of Death

  1. Christians, such as myself, regard the mere existance of bottomless pits as tangible evidence as the existence of Satan – what else other than the Dark Lord himself could have been responsible for creating these unlit voids, these abysmal chasms, these insults to the Holy earth? Nevertheless, I would know more of these subterranean horrors – please scribble a note on your blotter or your jotter, or even your pneumatic note-taking device that at least one avid reader of Hooting Yard speak more of these pits.

  2. I once had a friend who worked for a short time in the employ of Graham Hancock, the author of such wishful hogwash as “Fingerprints of the Gods” and “Keeper of Genesis”. My friend would regularly get emails and letters from cranks, eccentrics, crackpots, the terminally credulous etc. One of these letters, typed enthusiastically and often IN CAPITAL LETTERS, the better to highlight THE HERETOFORE SECRET TRUTH, included the revelation that 200 million reptilian devils (favourite bogeymen of the celebrated turquoise Isle-of-Wightian David Icke) were “packed like sardines into a bottomless pit beneath the Pyramids”. He obviously failed to spot that probably the only upside to being in a bottomless pit is the legroom.

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