2 thoughts on “Twelve Million Bees

  1. According to this news item, ‘You certainly don’t want to go walking through a field of disoriented, agitated and wet honey bees’. Wise words, indeed.

  2. Frank, if you are recovered from your latest wheezing fit, you ought to propose yourself to the BBC as a sort of “Special Rapporteur” on bees and bee-related matters. I’d recommend you swat up on your apiary before presenting yourself in front of the director-general wearing the yeallow-and black sweater that marks you as an official bee-expert (like the fellow from the New Brunswick Beekeepers Association).

    I refer you to “Voice of the Hive”, a collection of inspiring and edifying bee-related stories.


    (not to be confused with the 80’s anglo-american pop-pap band – a plague of parasitic hive-mites upon them! )

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