Readers With The Dropsy Please Note

It has come to my attention that several readers think Saint Poppo, he of the radiating lance, is a figment of my imagination. I am, apparently, given to dubbing fictional characters with names not dissimilar to “Poppo” – one is reminded, perhaps, of Signor Ploppo, who had a dramatic conversation with a bird called Ambrose.

While I emit an equally dramatic sigh, may I point out, yet again, with some exasperation, that the content of this website, and of the allied Hooting Yard podcast, is almost entirely factual, based as it is on exhaustive research? It is true that occasionally I might make something up from a sense of mischief, or embroider certain facts to add a tad of piquancy or grit, but generally speaking, what you have here is straightforward reportage. This planet of ours is a very odd orb, you know.

Just in case there remain some doubting Thomases, I reproduce below a tremendous photograph of a fully poseable toy action figure of Poppo. You will find some accompanying text here. Please remember to pray for Poppo’s intercession should you be dropsical.


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