Men do not, as a rule, use postscripts, and it is significant that artists and persons inclined toward the arts are much more given to postscripts than other kinds of men. One might almost say that women correspond by postscript; some of them put the subject of the letter in the postscript, as the scorpion keeps his poison in his tail. I have before me letters from Case 58, with two postscripts, and one extraordinary letter from Case 11, with four postscripts and a sentence written outside the envelope. This is the apogee of superficiality.

W L George, The Intelligence Of Woman (1916)

2 thoughts on “P.S.

  1. I always write PSs, even in emails. Does this make me some kind of prancing unmanly fop?

    PS. It’s well known amongst them wot has to write marketing letters (and I have written a few myself) that people only read the header, first paragraph and the PS.

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