It has been an industrious week at Hooting Yard, what with the publication of a brand new paperback and the production of those lovely lapel accoutrements. Global domination has never seemed so surely within my grasp. Whatever next?, you may ask. Fridge magnets? Monogrammed bomber jackets? Hooting Yard tea-cosies? Tee-shirts?

Mention of tee-shirts is as good a pretext as any to bring to your attention this splendid (if unrealised) design by recently-deceased Hooting Yard aficionado Martin Clare, recorded by his brother in a funeral tribute.

I spade my cat

One thought on “Spade

  1. Re. global domination by means of the proposed Hooting Yard promotional accessories: it’s good to note that they will appeal to four influential and authoritative sectors of humanity, as follows:

    Fridge magnets are the Gendarmes’ Gift

    Monogrammed bomber jackets are the Jobbers’ Mocked Ammo-Garment

    Hooting Yard tea-cosies silence Yogis’ Toothed Canaries

    Tee-shirts look irresistible on The Sister

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