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On this day, three years ago, I noted a startling insight from the Today programme on Radio Four:

There are differences in the ways serial killers and bees behave, obviously.

Thus spake serial-killer-and-bee expert Dr Nigel Rayne. Obviously.

One thought on “On This Day

  1. I remember that. I also distinctly remember you recording these antics earlier that year:

    “5.15 AM : Leap out of bed and plump myself in front of the beecam. Become enthralled.

    “7.24 AM : Consider basic needs, such as washing and dressing and eating a hearty breakfast of kedgeree and bloaters and smokers’ poptarts, but am so overwhelmed by the beecam that I postpone any activity.

    “11.45 AM : Bee-haunted.

    “3.00 PM : Numb to the human world. Beginning to think like a bee. Making occasional buzzing noises.

    “3.14 PM : Nip away from the beecam momentarily to don yellow-and-black striped leotard and black hat with antennae.

    “7.52 PM : Recall that I planned to write something daily for the Hooting Yard page. Am too transfixed by the beecam to move.

    “11.35 PM : Realise that I have spent the entire day observing either bees or the absence of bees on the beecam. Suffused with a warm glow of bee-ness. Continue to watch bees with now bleary eyes. Make a mental note to explain to readers that “bleary-eyed” has nothing to do with terrifying diminutive MP Hazel Blears.

    “1.07 AM : Drag myself reluctantly from beecam to bed. As I fall asleep, reflect upon the fact that I have never had so bee-centred a day as the day just gone. Resolve to be even more bee-minded in future.”

    That leaves a lot of the day unaccounted for. No black outs, or anything like that?

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