Led By Ghosts Through Mud And Bogs

In my first book “GHOSTLY GIFTS” I related some of the earlier cases where I uncovered physical objects in the presence of witnesses. Since then my talent has developed greatly and I travel around the Isle of Wight seeking out these unhappy souls whose greed, foolishness, jealousy or other sins have held them prisoners without chains waiting for release.

I may be busy at home going about my daily chores, dusting, ironing or one of the many jobs a housewife performs when a voice speaks and tells me to go to a certain place where someone needs help. The voice I hear is one of my spirit guides. I then have to make suitable arrangements with one of my small team of helpers who provide me with transport as I have no car to travel to the place I have been told. I may not have a hazardous or rich social life but it is certainly never dull as I set forth upon these journeys not knowing what story I shall hear and what I may be led to find. All I need are willing helpers, a pencil and paper because as soon as I hear a ghostly voice speak I write down every word in strange writing at great speed, the pencil never leaves the paper so that each word is joined to the next. My helpers usually arm themselves with some tool to dig with and we all wear old clothes as ghosts seem to have a habit of leading us through mud and bogs or making us crawl under barbed wire, through thick brambles, scramble down cliffs or push aside a herd of cows!

from Margo Williams, Out Of The Mist : More Adventures Of An Isle Of Wight Psychic (1982)

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