9 thoughts on “Listening Guide

  1. Very thoughtful Frank, thank you. I’m afraid my mien has been more like those in the next-but-one picture! I shall correct it immediately, starting by turning in the other direction.

  2. Um, not wishing to split hairs but I used to listen to HYOTA in the car. If my schedule permits me to return to this – rather than podcasts, for which I’m reassured my mien is mostly passable – is there a separate protocol? I’m facing the radio already but don’t think I can give it the same rapt visual attention without neglecting the road. I don’t have the option of driving solely on straight roads in uninhabited places…

  3. Anthony : You’re in quite a pickle, aren’t you? Fear not. I shall shortly be addressing the perplexing issue of correct listening mien in wheeled vehicles (with diagrams). Hold out till then if you can.

  4. Here’s my problem: the podcast appears to be showing up roughly six months after the broadcast. So we get summer episodes around the winter solstice. Can anything be done about this, or is it a Resonance copyright type issue?

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