More Like This

The BBC has a clip of London Mayor Boris Johnson getting a bit grumpy and walking out of a Commons Select Committee meeting where he is being questioned about the recent snowfall. Viewers are then offered the chance to watch similar video clips – I assume that is the meaning of “More Like This” – including “Snow-crazed stoat ‘goes berserk'”. Mayor, stoat… can you tell the difference?

Incidentally, I liked the Mayor’s recent comment on some aspect, I forget which, of the global economic meltdown – “the medium has spoken but we have yet to see the ectoplasm!” 

Equally superb was Peter Mandelson’s reply to an interviewer who asked him how he felt to be involved in “the fulcrum of history” (illiterate hyperbabble for the G20 summit).  “The soup’s nice,” said Mandelson.